Kicking and Screaming

Kicking and Screaming

Well close….maybe not as bad as I made it out to be. What dat? I’m talking about being dragged into the digital world. Oh yes, I have accepted digital ham radio in a big way, but nowhere near 100%. It just doesn’t float my boat.

Anyway, we’re talking cellphones here. After all these years, I got a smartphone. I’ve had nothing against them except the cost of owning one. First of all, they are expensive to buy and second of all, they are expensive to maintain. Since I prefer Apple products, and I want things to sync up around here, I got an iPhone. My 1st harmonic has had one for years. And guess where I’ll have to go for guidance? Yep, to my offspring. It’s true, the ‘digital natives’ have the advantage on us.

I do believe the price I paid for the phone is too much, but gawd! How much did I pay for that StarTac Ultralite? It was REAL expensive! Now that phones can get data, the cost of having one can be astronomical. If I had not found service for a reasonable monthly rate, I would never have even considered changing. I’ve been paying all of $7 a month for years and years. Now it will cost me at least three times that much, even if I don’t use any data…and therein lies the rub: Get a smartphone and you will find reasons to use data. Sure, it will be handy and maybe even downright useful, but I must be careful.

Did you read the fine print? Scary to say the least. I was going to hook my offspring’s smart TV to the Internet until I read the fine print. It was more than unreasonable. It was insane. So, I have disabled most of the services that allow them to track me and my behavior. That is, if in fact you are REALLY able to turn them off. Chances are that you aren’t able to do so. Maybe they just tell you that you are. In this world there is no such thing as privacy any more. Shame. It has true value.

Making the decision to get the smartphone was agonizing, and I haven’t even given up the slider phone yet. I’m going to run them in parallel until one day I just cannot see the sense in it. But, there is one advantage to keeping the old one. I can continue to give out the old phone number and just never answer it! Works for me! If I want to see if there are any messages, it is no problem to fire it up and check.

Sure, sure. I will enjoy the new phone. My music will be portable and I can even plug the phone into my newest vehicle. It has a USB port! But then, I don’t spend much time in cars anymore. (THAT is a good thing!). I think the best use will be having the ability to find information wherever I am (provided there is cellular or WiFi coverage). I had a friend that I frequently ate meals with. Inevitably, that phone would come out when a question that we could not answer would was asked. I used to laugh about it. Now, I’m going to be one of those people.

There is one thing that I will NOT be happy about: Having to know some more codes, ciphers and secret questions. I already have pages and pages of that material written down, and now I need more. And no, I do not use the same passwords for everything. This business is overwhelming and I think, a detriment to our lives. What happened to the good old days when you just needed a key ring. maybe the combination to your gym locker and the knowledge of your phone number? What happens if, in a few more years I cannot remember this stuff, nor where I wrote down the answers?

Life is always a compromise. You MUST take the bad with the good. It is not better. It is not worse. It is only different.

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