I’ve Been Cheated…I Didn’t Have An Elmer….I Had Thousands

I consider the world to be my Elmer. I’ll learn from anyone who is willing to teach me, whether they know if or not. Basically what I am saying is that I did not have an ‘Elmer’ in the traditional sense. However, I studied electronics, along with data processing (including basic machine programming) in school. In the military I again studied electronics including radar, transmitters and receivers, basic computers and more. We even did soldering.

Growing up in a TV/Radio shop didn’t hurt either, but that was mainly exposure rather than education. Oh yes, I did get some education out of it. There were even times when my Father helped me with an electronics project I was having trouble with. But overall, I sought out what I was interested in and learned about it at my own pace. What was my primary objective? To gather as many flashing lights, knobs and dials as possible. He who dies with the most radios wins, right?

There are a lot of fallacies in this world and one of those fallacies is that some kid is going to come along and wish to mine the vast depths of your knowledge. Yeah right. Heck, I don’t even have a ham club to go shoot my mouth off at. Oh well, at least I know a few people think I know a lot. Please don’t tell them any different…it would burst my bubble.

Dumb Questions

Yeah, there are a lot of dumb questions out there and the older and crankier you become, the more they multiply. Okay, it’s true that the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask, especially when lethal voltages are present. But gol-ly, I hear some doozies from time-to-time. If I have a dumb question, I’m going to try to resolve it online or from a book or somewhere before I go out there with an Extra Class callsign and let it fly. There’s probably some 13 year-old out there who knows more than me and I don’t want to upset the balance of nature. I’m supposed to know more than 13 year-olds. But yeah, I just read one dumb question a few days ago. I had to tell someone about it. Once I read a dumb question on a forum. A responder wrote: ‘You didn’t really ask that question, did you?’ I thought it was a great response. Sorry.

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