You Too(b)?

You Too(b)?

It never ceases to amaze me at what people will post on various social media outlets. It also amazes me at what people will apparently watch there. For instance: Unboxing the XXX-XXX. Unboxing? That’s worth posting? That’s worth watching? Some guy buys one of those XXX-XXX’s, sets up his camera and films himself taking the contents out. Puh-leeze! I’d rather watch paint dry. If you really want to know what comes in the box, the manufacturer’s website will clue you in, and will probably have better pictures too. But you know, some people love to hear themselves talk.

Then there are the ‘reviews’….and I use that term loosely. I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen where the ‘reviewer’ says ‘here’s the front, and its got some knobs on it, and here’s the back and the power plugs in here’. Seriously? That’s a review? Even some highly respected publications do that. Unreal. I can go to the manufacturer’s website once again to count how many knobs it has.

One comparison I recently began watching between two different model radios from the same manufacturer more or less said ‘Well, the old radio has only two knobs on the left where the new radio has three’. Jeez, what a waste of my time watching THAT comparison. Shouldn’t a comparison help you decide whether you’d like to purchase Radio A vs. Radio B? Too many of these posts tell me no more than I can find out in 15 seconds by looking at the pictures myself.

The manufacturers themselves don’t do you any favors by making comparisons of their own equipment. Too bad. I don’t spend much time watching other people’s videos, and I’ve just explained why: most of them bite. Do these people watch their own videos? I’ve┬áseen one or two folks who did a really good job. Wish I could remember the one guy who just gave you the facts and didn’t say ‘Ummm’ and ‘Uhh’ and repeat himself constantly. He did exactly what the title of his videos said. Imagine that…getting what you expect.

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