VHF:  146.61 – 103.5   This machine runs Yaesu System Fusion and is in Automatic Mode Select at all times. If you come in via analog RF with the tone indicated above, the repeater will respond in analog. WiRES-X will not respond.

If you come in via digital (C4FM – YSF) RF, the repeater will respond in kind. Also, you will access the WiRES-X room 40383 (Yard Dogs Repeater), Node # 30383 (or whatever room the node might be connected to at that time). As of Feb. 15, 2018 we are testing a 60 minute timeout timer on the WiRES-X room.

The repeater runs on emergency power 24/7. The repeater will return to the Yard Dogs room after you sign out if you change it.

Plans are for the 2m repeater to be upgraded to the new DR-2X early this summer. I will post any changes here.

UPDATE June 14, 2018: The DR-2X will be shipped….exact date unknown just yet.


UHF:  444.55 + 103.5  This machine currently runs in analog only and is linked to the Allstar Link hub #40804. It in turn, is linked to the McDonough, Georgia 146.715 and 927.1375 machines. Allstar Link Nodes 28523 & 28525 are often linked in as well. This repeater also runs on emergency power 24/7.

The 900 MHz machine is idle for the time being.

2.4 GHz BBHN mesh nodes. The Jasper, Georgia node and the Conyers, Georgia nodes have been decommissioned. The Dacula, Georgia node is probably still operating but that is unverified.